Our Services

We take pride in offering our service as under

Drawing Facility:

All the contributed raw materials required for producing quality High Speed Steel (HSS). Round Bars are procured from quality manufacturers around the world in the form of wire rods. Once the Wire Rods are received at the plant various inspections and tests are carried out before it is used for drawing. The drawing unit is specialized for HSS Wire Rods in particular as various factors are to be maintained as Grain Size Elongation, etc. Operations such as Annealing & Pickling are done if required. The Drawing Plant is completely imported and specialized for the cutting tool Industry. We can draw from dia 1.20 mm to 13.50 mm.

Straightening and Cutting Facility:

 With wide experience and expertise, Blackstone is specialized in steel coil straightening and cutting services as one of the engineering service provider in india

Automatic wire straightening and cutting machine having an exclusive and elite combination of speed and accuracy backed by intensive research of experts. Providing outstanding customer service has always been one of our priorities, and we offer the most reliable and dependable wire straightening and cutting services available in the industry today. We operate fully understanding that the quality of your product depends on the quality of our product.

 We can Straighten & Cut from Dia 1.20 mm to Dia 13.50 mm

Belt Polish & Grinding Facility

It is a service to provide bright finish of HSS Rods through Centreless Grinding and Belt Polishing process.

Heat Treatment Facility

Our heat treatment facilities are set up with the state of art of technology.

For achieving optimum tool life from good tool steel, it’s very important to have the right heat treatment done based on application. We heat treat High Speed Steel for varied applications. We deliver as package of High Speed Steel.

All our equipment and process are periodically validated and calibrated.
We deliver as package of High Speed Steel and Heat treatment with the right tooling solution. We render good technical and logistics support to Customers for tool life improvement

We have 2 Pot furnace with a capacity of 750 Kgs each.

Wire Rods:

Blackstone Engineering only imports from reputed and high-quality High Speed Steel manufacturers from around the world. This ensures high quality and homogeneity resulting in the excellent high-quality finish. We can offer a wide range of High Speed Steel Rods from ready stock or on make to order basis. A client can avail High Speed Steel rods from sizes ranging from 1.20 mm to 13.50 mm.